RM 205.00

ONE Moisture Rice Power

A moisturizing serum which helps skin produce ceramide and other intercellular lipids to improve skin’s moisture retaining ability.

  • Enhances skin’s abilities to produce intercellular lipids including ceramide and to retain moisture. In this way, this moisturizing serum transforms the skin to produce moisture by itself.
  • Softens the skin to enhance penetration of lotion to be applied afterward.
  • Effective for rough skin or inflammation.
A lightweight smooth texture that blends into skin to feel fresh, soft and ample
Effective on dry skin
Balances skin?s moisture level to boost makeup application and hold
Soothing floral fragrance
No artificial colouring
  How to use:
  1. Apply 2~3 pushes on the palm, gently apply over entire face.
  2. Use it day & night on a clean face after washing.


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