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Infinity Kose Oil Cleansing Cream
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Infinity Kose Lotion Concentrate 14 II
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Infinity Pure Advance Essence Lotion I
Special of INFINITY Deep Moisture Concentrate- Robin Niu meets Rice Sommelier
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Infinity Realizing White Lotion XX
Infinity Kose Lotion Concentrate 14 I
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INFINITY Moisture Concentrate
Infinity Clear Force
Infinity Kose Realizing White XX
East Malaysia Price RM 388
West Malaysia Price RM 388
Summary Eradicate dark spots from the roots with kojic acid.

Product Description How to use Customer Reviews Special Highlights
  • A whitening serum is born aiming for glowing white skin.
  • A new whitening serum contains kojic acid which has a high whitening effect, blended with technology that delivers it to the roots of dark spots.
  • UV rays are not the only cause of dark spots. It is said that increased melanin caused by aging, stress and hormone imbalance, which is not excreted smoothly, is also a reason.

With INFINITY whitening serum, it is possible to protect the eye area and cheeks from persistent dark spots.

  • The added moisture and firmness will make ever-lasting beautiful skin a reality.

Made possible by KOSE, the pioneers of the beauty serum. Skin will glow beyond your imagination.


  • As part of the morning and evening skin care regimen, please apply to the skin after using the toner.
  • Pump a small amount to your palm and spread on the skin especially to the problems area.

Effect on skin

  • Contains Kojic acid, the active whitening ingredients. Reaches the deep, persistent causes of dark spots to make translucent skin. Suppresses melanin production and prevents dark spots and freckles caused by the sun.
  • The base with a remarkable affinity for human skin relaxes the skin to let the active ingredients penetrate deeply.
  • Provides moisture and resiliency to smooth out the skin, leading to firm, shiny skin without unevenness or dullness caused by dryness.


  • Fresh and velvety touch spreads over the skin, realizing soft firmness after its application.

Compounded Beauty Agents

Kojic acid (whitening)

Kokeiten (kokeiten root) extract [moisturizer]

Edelweiss extracts [moisturizer]

Cnidium Officinale water [moisturizer]

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