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Infinity Kose Vital Comfort Mask
East Malaysia Price RM 240
West Malaysia Price RM 240
Summary Steam, soften and energize.
Serum mask which brings firmness and translucency.
20ml x 6 sheets

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Result on Skin

  • Steams and softens stiff cornified layers only in 15 minutes by sealing and steaming effects by use of one-of-a-kind film-coated sheet, thereby enhancing metabolic function.
  • Made of alkali hot spring water and nine nutritious ingredients that thoroughly permeate skin, and gives translucency, firmness and softness to stressed skin.
  • Grants skin evenness and prevents skin irritations and dryness.


  • Thick and velvety base gently wraps skin, and gives a feel of satisfaction by giving full moisture.
  • Use after washing face.
  1. Take out the mask and slowly unfold, holding two prominent parts.
  2. The mask has front and back. Put a bigger prominent part on right side of face, place the mask on face, make cheeks, skin around lips, sidesof the nose cling firmly tp the maskl (be careful not to spoil clothes as the mask contains liquid).
  3. Solidly set the mask on face, especially for nose area and facial contour, using cuts of the mask.
  4. Leave the mask for 10 to 15 minutes, take it off, blend the serum with skin, pressing skin with palms.

 Compound Moisture Retention Ingredients:

  • Delweiss extract
  • Kokeiten (kokeiten root) extract
  • Cnidium Officinale Water
  • Acous calamus root extract
  • Alkali hot spring water
  • Poria Sclerotium extract

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