Infinity Unlimited Key Serum







Description & Benefit

  • A serum that embodies the INFINITY philosophy of focusing on the power of the skin to awaken its beauty.
  • Contains a translucent essence with Releasing Capsules to deliver active ingredients that impart firmness and elasticity while leaving it soft and silky-smooth, and Oil Capsules containing three plant-based beauty oils that break open to be released and absorbed into skin to keep it moisture rich.
  • Contains the fusion of the richness of oils and the moisture of essence for a lightweight feel that is also comforting on the skin, providing a satisfying experience. Non-sticky, it melts into the skin.
  • Features a Clarifying Floral fragrance that awakens skin’s beauty


Releasing Capsules, Oil Capsules, Leontopodium alpinum extract, Rhodiola sacra root extract, Cnidium officinale root water, Centella asiatica leaf extract, Ganoderma extract, Green tea extract, Artichoke extract, Glycerin

How to Use

Use as part of your morning and nighttime skincare routines. Pump the product 2 to 3 times onto palm and apply on skin after lotion. Some capsules may remain on skin. Gently rub them in. If becomes difficult to dispense, tap the bottom of the container before using.

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