ESPRIQUE Bright Lasting Rouge

RM 97.00

A rouge with lasting serum and concealer effects, plus vivid color payoff, in one stroke.



One Stroke! Beautiful in a single stroke

  • A lasting rouge that acts as a serum concealer lipstick all in one. Glossy shine, moisture, smooth color payoff, and a long lasting finish. We?re releasing three new colors, as glamorous as bouquets, based on the color theme exotic flower. These colors will make your facial expression appear more elegant and captivating.

Bright lasting formula

  • Serum-like effects
    Serum ingredients hydrate the lips, preventing chapping and dryness by capturing the moisture in the lips to create long-lasting hydration.

Lipstick concealer-like effects

  • Vivid Color Gel Coat ingredients combine with the moisture on the surface of your lips creating a sturdy gel coating, full of pigment. This intensifies the color of the lipstick, while simultaneously correcting any dullness and uneven color on your lips, allowing for vivid color payoff that?s true to the bullet.

Shine effect

  • The shine rich ingredients rise to the surface and create a film across your lips, capturing the moisture in the air and trapping it inside. Potent shine.

Smooth texture

  • Provides a rich shine and deep moisture, yet glides on smoothly with a light touch. Easy to create a beautiful finish without burdening your lips.



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