INFINITY Essence Couture O1

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A  mixed-use type beauty essence, where you can select one type of water serum and one type of oil essence and then mix them with your palm.

O1 For oily skin.



Customize your own beauty essence that improves skin quality and solves your skin problem.

Oil-based essence to be chosen according to skin type. Conditions the skin so that the medicinal ingredients of water-based essence work well.

(B) Oil Serum (can be selected according to skin concern)

O1 For oily skin.

  • Controls stickiness and shininess and keeps skin fresh and smooth.
  • Light texture with great penetration sensation. Made from oils which are hardly oxidized.
  • Spreads and blends with the skin smoothly and makes skin smooth.


Recommended to people who have:

Skin concern

  • Open or clogged pores
  • Shiny skin during the say
  • Makeup deterioration
  • Acnes and breakout
  • Oily T-zone
  • Dullness


How to use:

  • After lotion, mix well with one push of each oil and water essences on the palm and apply to the skin.


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