INFINITY KOSE Advance Moisture Concentrate

RM 320.00

A Rice Power extract ™ No.11 essence penetrates immediately to horny layer to moisturize, firm and make skin vibrant as if skin’s self-moisturizing power has been enhanced.

Strictly-chosen active ingredients all together act on the skin to rebuild the skin fundamentally .


  • Skin recovers its own ability to retain moisture.
  • The rich, dense matrix containing moisturizing ingredient penetrates immediately after application.
  • It softens the skin & enhances penetration of subsequent skin care.
  • No sticky after-feel.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.

How to use:

  1. Apply 2~3 pushes on the palm, gently apply over entire face.
  2. Use it day & night on a clean face after washing.
  3. Send

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