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INFINITY KOSE Esthetic Cleansing Cream

A multi-functional cleanser that works as shampoo, treatment and scalp care.

  • By massaging, it enhances blood circulation and softens hardened scalp that caused by UV rays.
  • The refreshing cool sensation revitalizes the scalp and relax the user’s mind.
  • It thoroughly removes the dirt of hair and scalp.
  • It repairs and reduce hair damages.
  • Non-silicon formula.
  • Non-lathering haircare
How to use:
  1. Wet the hair & scalp well with lukewarm water and apply this product thoroughly by massage the entire scalp using finger cushions.
  2. Leave it on 2-3 minutes and rinse thoroughly.
  3. Short hair: 4~5 pushes.
  4. Semi-long hair: 8~10 pushes.

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