INFINITY Prestigious Cleansing Balm

RM 237.00


Balm-type cleanser which contains high concentration of high-quality beauty oil.


Rebuild skin that has loosened with age, imbuing it with vitality and firmness. SMAS R-build Technology*

Balm-type cleanser to relax skin with fine-quality oil while removing makeup and dullness. Supports the skin’s reincarnation, creating skin with flexible firmness and bright translucency that feels as if it’s been reborn.

*Technology formulated with moisturizers Zingiber zerumbet and Thymus vulgaris extracts to help give skin definition through firmness and radiance

How to use:

  • Use the included spatula to transfer a drop about the size of a cherry onto your dry palm then apply to entire face with fingertips
  • Blending thoroughly with foundation and other makeup.
  • Wash away with cool or lukewarm water.

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