RM 292.00

INFINITY Advanced White Lotion XX

A lightweight brightening lotion for flawless translucency that shows from deep within. Skin is healthy, fully hydrated, clear, bright and evenly toned.

Product features:

  1. Penetrates quickly while softening skin that is thickened and hardened due to UV rays and other damages to deliver brightening ingredients to every cell in the skin.
  2. Contains amino acid-based moisturising ingredients, phospholipids and naturally derived moisturising ingredients to clarify skin for high translucency and hydration to target dryness-induced dullness
  3. How to use:
    1. Use on clean skin after cleansing. Push the pump about three to four times to get an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand or a cotton pad. Gently apply to skin using patting motion.

Additional information



Kojic acid, Licorice root extract, Leontopodium alpinium extract, Rhodiola rosea (rhodiala sakura root) extract, Cnidium officinale root water, Blackcurrant extract, Rice bran extract, Concentrated glycerin


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