INFINITY KOSE Washable Massage Care

RM 169.00

A wash-off massage pack which discharge accumulated waste matter. Instantly firms & improves skin’s translucency.


  • It eradicates oxidized damage that’s accumulated in the skin while correcting the blood / water circulation & metabolic cycle.
  • Use as morning washing to hydrate, refine skin texture & enhances make-up last longer.
  • It discharges waste, prevents oxidation & glycation. Promotes blood circulation & enhances skin’s natural ability.

How to use:

  1. Apply on clean skin, spread a cherry size mask over entire face & lightly massage for one minutes.
  2. Leave the pack on for 3~5 mins, then rinse-off. Recommended use 1~2 times a week.
  3. Can be used in morning & night for improving dullness, dryness & firmness.

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