Moisture Skin Repair Eye Cream

RM 150.00

Moisturizing Eye Cream- that improves moisture retention ability of the skin around the eye area.


  • A concentrated skin moisturizing essence to reduce fine lines and create a plump skin around the eyes area.
  • Deeply moisturizes the eye area while enhancing the resilience of the sensitive area.
  • Recommended as 1st eye cream to young user.
  • Improve the appearance of fine lines. Suitable for tired & dehydrated skin around the eyes.

How to use:

  1. Morning: Use after lotion
  2. Night: Use as the last step of night care regime.
  3. Using the spatula, take approximately a rice-grain size and using your ring finger, start applying from the outer corners of the eyes and then around the eyes.
  4. Lastly, using the ring finger, tap gently to ensure skin absorbs cream thoroughly.

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