ONE BY KOSÉ Balancing Tuner

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A lotion containing Rice Power No.6 controls excess sebum secretion which fundamentally change shiny to fewer pores appearance smooth skin.


  • Formulated with Rice Power® No. 6, the only ingredient in Japan that works directly on the sebaceous glands deep beneath the pores, controlling sebum secretion while preventing dryness to maintain a good balance of oils and moisture.
  • Targets excessive sebum skin issues such as shine, makeup that doesn’t last, and stickiness.
  • Features a Direct Effect Formulation for active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin for instant absorption and well-hydrated skin.
  • Formulated with a skin-balancing essence to condition skin, minimise the appearance of visible pores and prevent skin problems.
  • A calming and refreshing green floral scent.



1. Saturate cotton with 2~3 pushes, gently pat over entire face.

2. Use it day & night on a clean face after washing or before Emulsion.

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