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ONE BY KOSÉ Melanoshot White

It makes spot-causing melanin colorless and prevents spots from surfaced. Helps less appearance of spots and unevenness.

Inhibits melanin production to prevent dark spots and freckles.
An advanced kojic acid whitening serum that renders the source of dark spots colorless*.
It reaches the source of the dark spots to effectively prevents the formation of dark or conspicuous spots, leading to clear and bright skin.
The active whitening ingredient kojic acid inhibits tyrosinase activity to suppress melanin production. It then blocks the blackening of existing melanin, preventing them from appearing on skin’s surface.
We focused on how black, matured melanosomes create dark spots. The serum prevents dark spots and freckles by preventing melanin production, so the source of spots—black melanosomes—cannot be formed and the ratio of nearly colorless immature melanosomes increases.
Utilizes Melanoceutial Formula.
Active whitening ingredient kojic acid directly hits and is effective against the melanocytes that create dark spots. The highly-permeating base instantly loosens skin hardened by sunburns or dryness, delivering beauty ingredients throughout.
Softness, translucence and hydration you can feel right after use. It makes skin soft and clear with an effectiveness that can be felt with every use.
  How to use:
  1. Use after Lotion (AM/PM)
  2. Take 2 pushes on palm and gently apply over entire face.


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