SEKKISEI Clear Treatment Essence

RM 94.00

Wipe-Off serum to thoroughly remove dullness-causing old skin cells.

Even hardened, rough skin becomes smooth and pores become less visible. Skin becomes clear and bright as if it were renewed.


  • Highly cushiony base material is adopted to help the product spread smoothly over the skin and remove old skin cells containing melanin and dirt while moisturzing and softening the skin.
  • Pigmentation is prevented to help skin become dullness-free, clear and fresh.
  • Pores are tightend to help skin appear brighter and smoother.
  • Also has “booster effect” which enhances the penetration of other skincare items to be applied later on.
  • Fragranced with the common SEKKISEI Scent.
  • A refreshing, lightweight texture akin to an essence

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